Hublot Big Bang presents the 90th anniversary of Ferrari team, celebrating the historic moments of long-term partners. Three limited-edition watches designed in collaboration with the Ferrari Design Center showcase the rich history and heritage of the Ferrari team and characterize the development of materials in the field of racing.

Introduction to the Ferrari team
The Scuderia Ferrari (Italian: Scuderia Ferrari, meaning Ferrari) is a team that participates in Formula 1 racing. Since 1950, the Ferrari team has participated in the Formula 1 competition and is one of the oldest fleets in existence. In Formula 1 racing, the Ferrari team won a total of 15 drivers’ annual world championships and 16 team annual world championships.

In 1993, the leader of Ferrari F1 team hired Peugeot Rally Racing Team Jean Todd as the director of the team. And Jean Todt hired Michael Schumacher, who had two F1 World Championships in 1996, as the main driver. Ross Brown is responsible for the racing project, allowing the Ferrari team to win five F1 world championships after 2000.

In 2007, Kimi Raikkonen took over the post-retirement position of Michael Schumacher and helped the team win the 2007 and 2008 team championships. Today’s drivers are Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Initially, the Ferrari team used Alfa Romeo to participate in the race. Since 1947, Ferrari has produced its own racing cars. Since then, the Ferrari team has won thousands of victories in major events around the world and has successfully reached the peak of racing history.

The Ferrari team not only produces F1 racing engine for itself but also provides engines to other F1 teams. In the 2019 season, the Haas, Alfa Romeo and Sauber teams used the Ferrari engine. Previously like Minardi (1991), Italian team (1992-1993), Sauber (1997-2005, 2010-present), Prost (2001), Red Bull Racing (2006), Little Red Bull Racing ( 2016), Spyker (2007) and the Indian Forces (2008) also used Ferrari engines.

The new watch is 45 mm in diameter and features a Ferrari brand’s iconic horse-back embossing on the three styles. The Ferrari team has won nine Le Mans 24 hour endurance races, two Daytona 24 hour endurance championships and five FIA World Endurance Championships (WEC) titles, even in The field of Rally has also been successful.

The strap is made of Nomex, which is the new refractory rayon used by the Ferrari team in racing suits. The color of the stitches on the strap is derived from the color of the Ferrari F1 single-seater body. Red-black is classic, which is in sharp contrast. Let speed and passion blend together to create a new journey of fashion.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 402.QD.0123.NR knock-off watch

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 402.JQ.0123.NR knock-off watch

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 402.TQ.0129.VR knock-off watch